Spanner has been building web pages and internet machinery since 1995, when a peer-support bulletin board for disabled people took off and a career in philosophy was abandoned for the madly utopian 90s internet. Since then I have spent nearly 30 years online, building interesting machines and dodging huge wealth. Our visions of the new world (Just! Yet cool! And new!) didn't quite work out, but there is still plenty of good work to be done.

At times Spanner has been company-sized but generally it's me, Will Ross, with dog in old Cumbrian barn. I have always cared most about voice and texture, which has led to a wide range of august clients including the Royal Society, the BBC, Amnesty International, Oxfam, Defra, the City of London, the Croucher Foundation, the FIA, the Shaw Prize and the German Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

I only take work if it matters, and if I can make something special. It could be a single handmade campaign page, a web form that soothes grumpy Nobel Prize winners, a workflow that perfectly matches an ancient way of thinking, or a realtime visualisation system that handles a million requests a second. I've built all of those and I'm always looking for something new to try.

If this is the sort of approach you might need, please get in touch.

Spanner Ltd
Cheese Press Barn, Scales, Ulverston LA12 0PF
Office: 01229 808407
UK company number 3376238
VAT number 718801138